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Hansford County Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer Coggins testing facilitated by Global Vet Link.  This allows us to submit your Coggins paperwork electronically and the lab to report it electronically.  This means we can get your papers back a day earlier, and usually the next day.  If you give us your email address, it allows you to set up an account at their website for owners,, and access your coggins from home or anywhere you have internet access.  This means you can print your coggins out from your home computer as soon as the lab reports it as negative.  In the near future we can even do electronic health certificates and Equine GoPasses for the states that will accept them.  The GoPass is like a 6 month health certificate for horses.  The only concern is whether or not some states recognize and accept them.  They are also a little more expensive than a regular health certificate.  Call and visit with the girls about availability of these services.


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