Official Testing & Vaccination

Official Testing and Vaccination

All of our veterinarians are accredited to perform official vaccinations and testing which may be required for movement of cattle and livestock.  Animals must be identified by an approved method at the time of vaccination or testing.  Most testing requires samples to be taken, shipped to a laboratory, and then tested.  This means that we need almost a week's lead time in many cases.  This includes Coggins testing (for Equine Infectious Anemia) and Piroplasmosis testing in horses.  Examples in cattle include Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, and Trichomonas, just to name a few diseases.  For more information on requirements for moving livestock, please call us at (806)659-2100, or visit the USDA APHIS Import and Export Regulations web page.

Health Certificates

Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVIs)  are required for animals that will be crossing state lines, or attending certain events within your home state.  If your animal(s) will require a health certificate, please give us a few day's notice so we can let you know what requirements you must fulfill.  Animals must be seen by the veterinarian, and often there are tests which must be performed and reported before the CVI can be written.  Those requirements are established by the destination state.  We also must have the recipient's name, address and phone number.  Often we must get a permit from the destination state, which may not be available on the weekends.  CVIs are valid for 30 days after they are issued.  

Global Vet Link

HCVH is proud to now offer online reporting of coggins tests and health certificates.  These have your horse's actual photo instead of drawings, and in most cases allow us access to your test results a day earlier.  If we have done your coggins online, you must give us your email address to be able to access the papers yourself.  Then you must create an account or log on to Global Vet Link to view your coggins or health certificates.


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