Digital Ultrasound


We are proud to now offer digital ultrasound! Arriving in August 2015, our new Sound-Eklin system offers multiple probes with the ability to penetrate and focus at varying depths, allowing us to better evaluate tendons and ligaments on the distal limbs of horses, equine chests, as well as the abdominal and thoracic organs of small animal patients.

This diagnostic modality is often used to evaluate soft tissue abnormalities or injuries. It is non-painful and non-invasive, and allows us see underlying tissues as a 2 dimensional image. This is the same tool that is used extensively for reproductive work, but different probes allow us to see varying depths and degrees of detail.

We often use ultrasound to evaluate tendon and ligaments in horse’s legs. It is also useful to evaluate their lungs or heart in some cases. We may also use it to evaluate masses or cysts, or as a tool to decide when and where to lance abscesses.

In smaller patients, it may be used to assist obtaining a urine sample, or to diagnose pregnancy and determine fetal viability. In some instances it can evaluate abdominal masses or organs in a non-invasive manner. Ultrasound waves are interrupted or reflected when they encounter air or bone, which does limit its use in some instances. We may need to shave your animal’s hair and/or use a liquid to ensure the waves travel without interruption.


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